The Bombshell Artist Allise Noble

“The natural world around is us truly filled with the most amazing forms of living sculptures if we take the time to look, and keeping this in mind reminds me even on the worst of days how lucky we are to be alive.”
-Allise Noble

With a dreamy, surreal quality and bizarre mix of design periods, Alise Noble’s distinct timeless style entrances viewers.  She enjoys making the internal external by exploring the dynamic of the public self versus the private self with her portraits of mysterious females.  Deep indeed.

With her art work, she has a fascination with details of the natural world, and has exhibited in juried shows, galleries, and long term public displays in the Tri-City community. Recently in 2019, she was selected for Studio 23’s 50 Artists of The Great Lakes Bay Region.  This honor includes a metal print of her art on the rail trail in Bay City and the piece “Torn” exhibited in the gallery show at Studio 23 in October. Permanently placed in June of 2018, this painted piano for the SVRC Inc. is on display in the Market Plaza in Saginaw.

Within Allise’s home art studio, she creates a sensational style that is recognizable by her combination of traditional drawing and painting with 3D mixed media elements.  Noble works in pencil, ink or watercolor mediums combined with found objects on a 2D surface. This includes a range of metallic acrylics, fabric, lace and other “jewels” that she has received over the years.

As the Program Coordinator for Express Yourself Artshop at Creative 360 in Midland, Ms. Noble runs an inclusive arts and wellness program for students of all abilities.  When she works from home or at her day job, she is passionate about the therapeutic values of art to calm anxiety and promote self expression in herself and others. As a teacher of multiple mediums, she believes that everyone can be creative and it is never too late to start.

“I am a huge proponent of disability rights, empowerment, and visibility. With my art, I hope to convey the idea that we all have more similarities than we maybe even expected …. We are all worthy of love, safety, respect, and dignity.”
-Allise Noble

Highlighted on the first post in the new social club named “Exploding Circle of Artists” based in Saginaw, Allise Noble is a shimmering example of a proud creative being in the population of the Tri-city community.

Attached images created by Allise Noble (Available in full jpg. format)

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