The Passionate Author Gene Miller

The fastest way to express yourself is through words and a component of visual art. Gene Miller works both ways in his creative process. This post is to explore his book that is the newest publication for sale on

The Humanity Of Divinity, And The Divinity Of Duality: A collection of poems, thoughts and very few dreams

-Amazon Title of Author Gene Miller

This is a collection of poems by a man who made a choice to make a lot of changes to his life. After many things in his life that just seemed drastic and or dismal he thought he should quit many things that seemed to be bad habits and or addictive. This book is all various parts, or themes of his perspective, perception. It is introspective, sometimes heartfelt, sometimes clever, yet often philosophical and intellectual. In this collection he also shares some dreams, thoughts on God, meditative states, and hints at the philosophies that helped along the way. It is truly at its core a mix of raw poetry and somewhat of a memoir over the course of about four years. He has a certain sense of turning dark into light in a majority of the poems. Reading it is basically a look into his own sense of symbolism and wordplay, or how he perceives himself and now, and how he has a better look on this world.

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