Dye Shop to Die For

Uplift Creative Center

Such the spectacle, a walk in and see a flurry of every color staring you into your eyes.  The shades are such a delicious mix as chemical equations that results in the catalyst, or stage, for the dye to glide into the fabrics.  From the very stance I had walked in, I stopped and stated “How beautiful you are colors.  Let’s play and explore every spot to find what’s inside.”  The owner and master of the land, Cyndy L. welcomed me instantly and offered tea.  Like what the sweetest gift to a stranger.  She pulled up a chair and instantly relaxed me enough to almost make me want to go home and change into a dyed shirt and pants myself.

“Ummm…soft and wonderful. The Uplift Creative Center definitely brings peace and calmness with colors of bliss.”

-Heather Deogracia

This cute shop, located in the banks area of Bay City, has such a range of activity that leans heavily on the creative educational side as well.  Learn how to make soap.  Explore about how to dye your sheets with ice.  Bring the party to your own house to play fun games with your friends.  Screen print your shirts for special events.  Cyndy is so open to ideas that she could make anything artistic with the drop from your mouth.  Where has she been hiding?  Sigh.  True spiritual artists do exist like unicorns in the land of Central Michigan.

Check out the images below. Lovely and unique for sale today. Paint, dye your own items, make jewelry, sew, crochet and paint pour.

Stop By for A Visit

To find this wonderful creative center, the location is at 1002 Marquette in Bay City.  More contact information is found on Facebook at /UpliftCreativeCenter/

The shop is open Tuesday – Friday 10-6 with a contact number at (989) 992-8769.


Big News
The Uplift Creative Center is hosting the huge event named “Bizzar Bazarr” which is being held at the Prime Event Center 1201 Washington in Bay City on November 23 at 4:30.  Tickets state “Thank You for Existing” and only have an entry fee for $5. Tickets are actually available at the center to purchase. 

This Super Mega Art Show is also going to feature:

Barbarossa Brothers
Aaron Johnson
Tommy Grant

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